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Research lines

The Nanomagnetism Group is conducting basic and applied world-class research in the field of magnetism in nanoscale structures. The group staff has a  long-standing expertise and proven track record in fundamental and applied aspects of nanomagnetism, magnetic materials, and magnetic characterization, especially magneto-optical methods.

  • Magnetic thin films and multilayers, their fabrication, magnetic characterization, and theoretical description.
  • Magnetic nanostructure fabrication and characterization.
  • Novel magnetic materials.
  • Magnetization reversal phenomena, including magnetic recording.
  • Magnetic phase transitions.
  • Equilibrium and non-equilibrium properties of magnetic systems.
  • Magneto-optics: generalized magneto-optical ellipsometry, magneto-optics from diffracted light, magneto-optical microscopy, magneto-optical spectroscopy.
  • Magneto-plasmonics: synthesis of magneto-plasmonic metamaterials, their characterization and theoretical modeling.
  • Application of magnetic nanostructures in devices for biology and medicine.
  • Thermoplasmonic excitation of artificial spin ices
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